About J-HARB

Japan Home Appliance Repair Business (J-HARB) was founded to build a network of home appliance repair business “of our own”, not influenced by particular manufacturers or appliance shops.

There are many issues in Japanese home appliance industry: inefficiency and low profitability of on-site repair service and extended warranty offered by retailers.

Japanese consumers take immediate and high quality repair services for granted. Accordingly J-HARB not only requires its members to develop technical skills, but to take our training courses on CS skills.

Although J-HARB doesn’t cover Japan fully at the moment, we aim to build the network of more than 50 corporate members within 3 years, which enables J-HARB to deal with on-site services and bench repairs nationwide.

In Japanese home appliance market, if you don’t have nationwide repair network, you can’t offer good customer service or quick response to repair request, which means damages to your sales. Building and maintaining a nationwide repair network, however, is costly and managing/controlling the network is not easy.

Appliance repair business has many operations: call centers, parts supplies, logistics, management of technicians, collecting charges, and dealing with claims. There is no consultant or outsourcing agency with expertise on this complex and intertwined operations of the industry.

But members of J-HARB are experts who have high skills and expertise on the industry. We help you identify your problems and offer several basic schemes customized to fit your requirements.

We’re very happy that we can cooperate with you in Japanese home appliance industry.

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about scheme1

This scheme is applied at rural areas in which the number of repairs is limited and repair business is inefficient and unprofitable. In the past, schemes like this had been tried but not successful because it was difficult to streamline services and logistics.

With clients, J-HARB establishes optimized schemes accountable for above mentioned issues, and works on integration of services and operations and data processing of parts supply and repairs.

As to areas where there aren’t enough repair technicians, we’ll establish J-HARB network and secure human resources there.


about scheme2

This scheme is for clients who have already established service networks in which J-HARB will take charge of a part of client’s repair services for streamlined repair operations.

In this scheme, J-HARB offers (1) development of optimized schemes, (2) delegation of operations to J-HARB and (3) delegation of repairs to J-HARB.


about scheme3

This scheme is for clients who are newly entering Japanese home appliance market and who haven’t yet developed repair-service networks in Japan.

In order to cover Japan fully it is said that 50-70 service centers are necessary. Delegating all the operations to agents is not effective. Besides, collecting data from various operations such as repairs and quality control is costly.

J-HARB offers one-stop customer services so that clients can build nationwide service networks effectively.


J-HARB cooperates with you for establishing your customer services network in Japan.